And the Verdict is Guilty

Just a quick update on what is turning into an annoying and ongoing saga called my current life (then again, whose isn’t?).

I was contacted by the police today (26/12/2013) in regards to my life changing accident which occurred about 8 months ago now. They have informed me that the man who totally screwed me over by trying to drive through the space I was inhabiting at the time with his Nissan patrol fronted by a bull bar has admitted in a court of law that he was guilty of the crimes in question.

I don’t think I mentioned it previously but the police had determined the incident to be bad enough that they had laid charges against the driver in question.

While this doesn’t magically fix the physical and emotional damage done to myself or my family, it does cross off one more thing I have to get through to move on through the whole sordid affair and will also allow us to move on with getting the situation sorted out with his insurance company.

A Few Poor Quality Before/After Pictures of my Accident

I have had a few requests from people to see pictures in relation to my accident. Here are a few very poor quality X-rays of my right arm and leg. They are photocopies of my X-rays which were given to me and I then scanned so don’t expect brilliant image detail. As is normal, click on the thumbnail to get the full sized image.

First up is my arm. Before and then after shots.


Right arm before surgery.


Right arm after surgery.

Next up is my lower right leg. A few complete breaks in the before shot. Look at all that yummy metal in the after shot.


Right lower leg before I had surgery.


Right lower leg after surgery. Look at all that metal, yummy.

If you are easily squeamish you probably shouldn’t read any further.

With the before picture of my leg, what you are seeing is my leg after the critical emergency ambulance officer straightened my leg and put the bones back in which is something I mentioned in a previous post. Simply put, after I hit the ground I looked at my leg and noticed my bones sticking out through my jeans.

Hospitalised! :(

Well, I was looking forward to playing with my new AmigaOne  X1000, play with puppet a bit a few other bits and pieces and try to enjoy life a bit. Unfortunately I only got to play with the AmigaOne X1000 once before the excrement hit the rotating device on the ceiling.

On the 30th of April at ~9:15am on my way to work I was involved in a motor vehicle accident where some jerk who I am guessing had the need for a penis extension expressed via the vehicle he drove (Nissan Patrol, they are big) decided to to turn right into a the street I was riding past. I was on my trusty little Honda CB400 motorcycle which I have for the last three years and loved to bits, when this jerk in his Nissan Patrol with a bull bar carried out the deed with no indicator and no checking what was in front of him. Needless to say, motorcycle 0, Nissan Patrol with bull bar 1. I should mention that my bike was a total write off. I would also like to ask why in hell does anyone require a bull bar in Sydney? There is a distinct lack of wildlife or livestock in and around Sydney which would necessitate the need for one.

I suffered some pretty bad injuries the worst of which was to my right leg which basically burst open, the least was to my right arm which got broken. I can tell you it is not nice seeing leg bones sticking outside of your leg that should be inside of you or having your own personal fountain of blood spurting all over yourself while waiting for an Ambulance to turn up and suffering from rubber neckers at the same time.  During my tenure I have had doctors who operated on me tell me they were surprised I lived. I also managed to just keep my right lower leg and foot which I was told was a miracle. So you know, while in emergency just before they operated I was told they were going to amputate. It was definitely a surreal moment which the pain killers I was on only heightened. I can’t really do much with my foot but it is still there as a floppy extension of my leg at the moment.

During the operation I was told I required a large amount of blood transfusions, try 5 litres, which basically means they had to replace all the blood in my body. I was also informed that as they started to get ready to operate on me, I simply lost to much blood and well, basically stopped, nuff said. Surgery took 10 hours.  I also received 22 units of blood in my first week I was in ICU (intensive Care Unit) of which I was resident of for about 9 days.

Since then I have been sent to the Trauma Ward, then the HDU (High Dependency Unit) and back to the Trauma Ward. I have had the pleasure of blood clots on my lungs and in my legs and reaching 40 degrees centigrade amongst other fun things. I have had so many devices and tubes connected to me that I required a minimum of two staff to move me out of bed, thankfully this has now been reduced to one drip line.

During the first two days after the accident, I was so out of it I thought I was having a nightmare which I would wake up from, get up, get ready and go to work. On about the third day, I woke up and realised that what I was experiencing was no dream.

So far I have had about a dozen operations with more still to come and I am now coming up to 8 weeks in hospital and when finished here will be shuffled off to another hospital which specialises in rehabilitation.

So far I would like to thank the Ambulance officer who rode with me in the back of ambulance on my way to Emergency at the hospital and then came back to visit me 2 weeks later to see how I was going, this guy was seriously amazing by sizing up the situation and taking control of it straight away which was relief since the first Ambulance to the accident made the comment that they had no idea what to do and sounded freaked out. Also to the skill of the doctors who saved my life as well as my leg and foot. The nurses who in the most have been great and understanding. My other half for organising all the paper work and keeping my family involved, I know it was traumatic for her, she has not ridden her bike since the accident and my family, friends and work colleges for their support as well.

I remember when I first started riding a number of years ago and being asked by a work college at the time who also road, ‘How many people tried to kill you on your way to work today?’. It may sound funny, the problem is, it is closer to the truth than people realise. I have on a number of occasions needed to take emergency action to avoid being taken out by a moronic driver, hell I have even had one or two occasions when I have had drivers intentionally try and take me out. Unfortunately, the odds were against me this time and I was unable to get out of the way. If you are a car driver, don’t be a tool, please use the indicator so people know what the hell you are about to do and look properly, just because you can’t see anything out the corner of your eye, does not mean someone is not there!

That’s enough of my nonsensical rambling and excuse the poor grammar and spelling.

(Update: Not sure why I originally put August in rather than April, at least they both start with A)

Just got Rearended.

Wow, that was a crappy experience.

On my way to work and stopped behind some traffic at a red light when all of a sudden I hear a crunch and the whole bike tries to suddenly move forward. I look behind me and some lady had drifted across a 5 metre keep clear zone whilst on the phone and ran into the rear of my bike and then all she did when I looked at her was shrug her shoulders and went back to her phone. I was not happy with this and gave her the finger.

I put my bike into neutral to make sure there was no damage, thankfully it all looked fine, noticed the driver was still on their phone all unconcerned, feeling a little angry now, I walked up to her and told her to ‘Look where you are driving and don’t use a phone in traffic you dumb bitch!’ at which point she replied in what sounded like an eastern European accent, ‘How can you use this language to me?’. I have to admit, I was amazed by the response especially after what had just happened and only managed to repeat my previous repsonse of ‘Because you are a dumb bitch.’ which I admit is not the best come back.

I went to leave it at that and started walking back to my bike but she kept demanding to know ‘How can you use language like that to me.’ At which point I leaned toward the front of her car and told her to ‘Go fuck yourself.’ and got back onto my bike.

I have to admit, not the best way to handle myself but after she managed to drift over 5 metres across a no stopping zone in stand still traffic, while she was on the phone and then running into the back of my bike with nothing but a disdainful shrug of her shoulders I think I was entitled to call her a dumb bitch.

Unfortunately, people like this rarely take responsibility for their actions. They are also the type to end up killing people on the roads and act all surprised and make statements such as ‘they just appeared out of no where’ and make out their the victim.

Should be Back on the Road Again…. I Hope.

Well, I finally got off my arse and organised for my bike to get picked up by a wreckers for some repairs. I am not looking forward to the cost but I can’t stand public transport any more and not having my own personal wheels when I need them.

I am also changing the tires while I am at it. The OEM tires that came with my CB400 were fine during summer but as soon as winter rolled around, I found them very slippery in the cold + wet, to the extent that the back wheel completely lost traction as I was coming out of a corner at ~25-30Km/h causing me to drop the bike thus the need for repairs.

Fingers crossed that it doesn’t send me completely broke to get it road worthy again. I should be getting the quote tomorrow sometime.

A quick search shows me I am not the only one finding themselves feeling this way about the tires:

Default Re: Dunlop Sportmax Q2

my current ride, when purchased new, came fitted with dunny roadsmarts. those tyres will kill you. the feel is like they are made from wood., polished shiny hardwood.

i did’nt get the Q2’s, maybe next time. i had a look at them, they are way sticky, softer than the pures, the rubber on the sides same as a track tyre. but i just went with power pures, tried and tested. won’t last long, but they’re worth it.

there is a disclaimer on Jake Wilson that excludes tyres from international shipping rates, below the table.

glad you guys got yours, but it is in the fine print.

via Dunlop Sportmax Q2 – Page 3 – Netrider Forums.


and yes I have to agree, that is exactly how they felt….