One of those arhhhhhh f#?k moments

Fired up the X1000 today. it was time to get some of the software updated and I thought it would be enjoyable. Instead, I ended up with one of those sinking stomach feeling moments and cursing myself for the last 20 minutes.

I had decided to use Ignition (native spread sheet programme on the Amiga) to catalogue a few items. I remembered there was a Libre Office plug in for it which allows saving/loading .ods files and I thought it would be a good chance to install and try it out, along with the dropbox/google storage application available for AmigaOS4 (Yay, sharing files easily). One of the requirements for the Libre Office plugin is zip/unzip so I proceeded to extract the binary only for them, opposed to the whole archive from their respective archives and then install the plugin.

The installer was not happy and claimed zip was not available so I fired up a shell and had a look. Yup, I had extracted the zip/unzip binaries but it placed it within its own directory within the C: assign, so with my mind elsewhere I copied the binary to C: and proceeded to delete the directory it had left behind.

Next thing I realise is that my shell is scrolling off the screen with the below messages ad-nauseam:

unzip Deleted
zip Deleted
unzip-5.52-bin Deleted
zip-2.31-bin Deleted
MountDiskImage Deleted
fc-scan Deleted
fc-validate Deleted
LhA Deleted

What I was seeing took a minute to sink in but by then it was to late, I realised the entire contents of my C directory was gone.

The first thing I did was copy and paste the output of deleted files to a text editor before doing anything else, sat back and was like well…. f#?k. To those who don’t know AmigaOS, C: is a logical assign as in it acts like a partition but is actually a directory on the Sys: partition. C: itself holds a number of critical and important AmigaOS commands so losing the contents of this directory was not a nice experience.

The next thing I did was look for my AmigaOS4.1 FE install CD. I thought I could potentially copy the C: files from it or worst case, re-install over the top of the existing partition. During this find and seek exercise, I remembered I have an older backup of my Sys: partition and decided to see what undelete options were available bfore going to extremes. Hello .recycled directory!

I am running SFS as the file system on my Sys: partition, it has a .recycled directory. It apparently remembers the last ~360 deleted files and sure enough, there they were. So I grabbed my copy of the deleted output, did a bit of find/replace on the text file to use the backed up C: directory and copied everything back from .recycled into Sys:c/ and so far so good (Currently typing this up on said Amiga X1000).

Mental note it’s not “delete #? zip-2.31-bin/all” it should be “delete zip-2.31-bin/#? all”.  Wow, that was truely a brain fart moment.

Holden, What a Bunch of Bastards – part 2

Well, I did start typing this up a few months ago but just didn’t have the energy to do it.

Long story short, we were without our car for a good 6 months or more and when we finally got told we could pick it up, it took another week longer before we got to take it home since they never put it back together properly when we went to get it.

Visit this site for a list of the worst cars in Australia you could buy and the Holden Cruze comes in at the number 1 spot. This was only exasperated by the terrible attitude and lack of service we received from Heartland Holden when trying to get the car fixed. We did end up getting some token support from Holden themselves when it became hard not to notice how bad the situation was but it was a case of too little, too late. Once we got the car back, we traded it in for a Mitsubishi and have been very happy with the new vehicle.

Ironically, after we got the new car, we received a letter from Holden telling us they had extended the warranty on the Cruze. A warranty we had to fight tooth and nail to get the dealership to honour in the first place!

Short Video of my Peppermint Pleco Fry

This is just a short video I took of some 4-5 month old Peppermint Pleco fry I have at the moment. Considering the fish are a few months old now, should they even still be considered fry?

From the video discription:

I saw an adult male/female pair of Peppermint at my local fish shop and bought them on a whim with the idea of potentially breeding them. I placed them in a spare tank I had but didn’t do much else with them but the occasional water change and keeping them feed. This was due to me planning to move house in the near future and I had read it can be difficult and a little time consuming to breed this species. A few weeks before I did move, I noticed that the tank, which was in the garage, was full of Peppermint Pleco fry.