Just a quick and nasty about page to explain what this insanity is kind of about.

I was bored and always wanted my own server to play with instead of just looking after everyone elses so I got one. With that done I then needed to work out what to do with it. I have few ideas, if not the time and one of these ill conceived ideas was a blog.

As the name suggests, the initial plan was to use it as a therapeutic aid to rant and rave on about the various thing one finds annoying or just plan hates. The idea of someone actually reading these ravings never really entered my mind at the time but after I realised someone might read it, and in some way found it interesting or could relate to it in some way and realise they are not the only insane person out there in the world, then more power to them.

Now that the blog is up and running, if not all that well organised and not really all that interesting, I have found myself posting the occassional entry of something I have found interesting at the time and not really all that ranty so if any of the information you find on this site turns out to actually be useful or of some interest in any way, then I apologise.

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