New Graphics Card for the X1000 and Other Guff

So I have the next week off. I finished work for for the company I worked for and start at a new one in a weeks time and have decided to get a few things in order.

One of the things which has been bugging me is my AmigaOne X1000 and so I plan to do a re-install of AmigaOS4.1 FE in conjunction with the enhancer pack I just recently purchased as well. One thing which has been causing me to hold back was the fact that the graphics card I bought for the X1000 when initially purchased is an ATI HD 6870. I went for the better of the cards available at the time since I thought it would be a better long term investment ie. would not need to upgrade as soon as if I can a less powerful card. Unfortunately things didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped. A new version of Warp3D was released some time ago for the new AmigaOne computers and it didn’t support the card I have. At the date of the launch, support for the Northern Island (HD 6000) series was promised so I have been holding out but I have seen no hint that it will ever appear so I have given up on that idea.

Now I have the time, and it appears the bearings in my current card may be on the way out, I decided to get myself a new AMD R9 270x off EBay. I was looking at the R7 250x which a local shop had for sale but except for the fact it is supported by Warp3D, grunt wise it is pretty comparable with the ATI HD 6870 so without paying to much more, I found the R9 270x on EBay and look forward to it turning up.

If I remember, I will do a benchmark to compare the old 6870 with the R9 270x and publish them.

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