Holden, What a Bunch of Bastards – part 2

Well, I did start typing this up a few months ago but just didn’t have the energy to do it.

Long story short, we were without our car for a good 6 months or more and when we finally got told we could pick it up, it took another week longer before we got to take it home since they never put it back together properly when we went to get it.

Visit this site for a list of the worst cars in Australia you could buy and the Holden Cruze comes in at the number 1 spot. This was only exasperated by the terrible attitude and lack of service we received from Heartland Holden when trying to get the car fixed. We did end up getting some token support from Holden themselves when it became hard not to notice how bad the situation was but it was a case of too little, too late. Once we got the car back, we traded it in for a Mitsubishi and have been very happy with the new vehicle.

Ironically, after we got the new car, we received a letter from Holden telling us they had extended the warranty on the Cruze. A warranty we had to fight tooth and nail to get the dealership to honour in the first place!

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