My Rack Mountable Amiga 1200

It’s been a while since the last time I have posted anything but I would say recentish personal circumstances can be blamed for a large proportion of that.

Back in the days when I lived in shared housing, I came across a strange beast on EBay claiming to be a rack mountable Amiga 1200. At the time, I was after a replacement A1200 motherboard and decided to buy this out of curiosity. The claim was that it had been in use by an RSL club in Australia and performed things such as Club Keno results and advertised upcoming events.

When I received the computer and opened it up I quickly realised there was a decent amount of custom work done to get the A1200 to carry out its required tasks and decided it would be interesting to get it up and going again. As I mentioned, I lived in shared housing which lacked the space to set this up at the time as well as provided an unstable environment.

Move forward to the present day. After my move into a more permanent residence, I have been slowly sorting out my retro Amiga kit out and came across my A1200 Rack Mountable ‘server’. It is currently missing the KS ROMs and an accelerator. I have since dug up an accelerator for it but I only have a spare pair of KS 3.0 ROMs and the A1200 apparently has Workbench 3.1 installed.

I saw a post on AmigaWorld about rack mountable Amiga’s and decided to grab a few snap shots of mine before I carry out any work on it.

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