And the Verdict is Guilty

Just a quick update on what is turning into an annoying and ongoing saga called my current life (then again, whose isn’t?).

I was contacted by the police today (26/12/2013) in regards to my life changing accident which occurred about 8 months ago now. They have informed me that the man who totally screwed me over by trying to drive through the space I was inhabiting at the time with his Nissan patrol fronted by a bull bar has admitted in a court of law that he was guilty of the crimes in question.

I don’t think I mentioned it previously but the police had determined the incident to be bad enough that they had laid charges against the driver in question.

While this doesn’t magically fix the physical and emotional damage done to myself or my family, it does cross off one more thing I have to get through to move on through the whole sordid affair and will also allow us to move on with getting the situation sorted out with his insurance company.

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One Response to And the Verdict is Guilty

  1. prowler says:

    It looks like the fat lady has decided not to sing just yet. The driver at fault has decided to contest the ruling and so I have now been subpoenaed to go to court. I seriously just want to put this behind me. I am the one who has not been able to walk for over a year, have had multiple operations, been in constant pain and will suffer for the rest of their life due to the actions of this twit, not the other way around.

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