Java for the Amiga

I have to admit that I have been keeping an eye on this Java porting effort to see how it went. There have been a couple of aborted efforts in the Amiga world to port Java to the platform but this one has managed to get itself to a semi-useful state. While I am not the biggest Java fan in the world, I can see that there would be some benefits for the Amiga community if a relatively recent and stable version is ported to the platform. Be it ports of some useful Java software or Amiga users who know Java and can not develop Java Apps for their favourite platform.

Enter JAmiga, where an usable version has been uploaded to OS4Depot which you can download and try out. If you do decide to install it to have a whirl, it has AmiUpdate support so anytime it gets updated and you run an update on your Amiga, it will automagically update your Java install for you.

A few things to note about this version, it is an early release but:

  • It is Java 1.5 with parts of 1.6 supported.
  • Doesn’t support Swing/AWT at this point in time, making it CLI only.

Regardless, it is good seeing initiatives like this. Even though certain people will more than likely complain about certain features missing, all projects need to start somewhere. So if you wanted Java on the Amiga, have a play and I am sure the author would love to get constructive feed back in regards to his project.

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