Trevor and Matthew presenting the A-Eon update (Live from AmiWest 2013)

Saw a link in a recent forum post which covered a talk Trevor of A-Eon fame was giving. It covered a number of interesting points such as:

  • ┬áNaming of the new systems. The idea is to keep a link to the original roots of the Amiga and the AX prefix was initially thrown around but there are talks of shortening it.
  • A quick update on the Libre Office port.
  • A new MP3 type of sound card for classic systems being finished up for sale. Clock port and Zorro versions. This is something I am interested in getting.
  • With the newer motherboard ┬áversions, the public will have a choice to purchase a whole system, think of the existing X1000 offer, or just the motherboard.
  • Plus a few other things.

See below for the actual YouTube footage.


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