A Few Poor Quality Before/After Pictures of my Accident

I have had a few requests from people to see pictures in relation to my accident. Here are a few very poor quality X-rays of my right arm and leg. They are photocopies of my X-rays which were given to me and I then scanned so don’t expect brilliant image detail. As is normal, click on the thumbnail to get the full sized image.

First up is my arm. Before and then after shots.


Right arm before surgery.


Right arm after surgery.

Next up is my lower right leg. A few complete breaks in the before shot. Look at all that yummy metal in the after shot.


Right lower leg before I had surgery.


Right lower leg after surgery. Look at all that metal, yummy.

If you are easily squeamish you probably shouldn’t read any further.

With the before picture of my leg, what you are seeing is my leg after the critical emergency ambulance officer straightened my leg and put the bones back in which is something I mentioned in a previous post. Simply put, after I hit the ground I looked at my leg and noticed my bones sticking out through my jeans.

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