AmigaOne X1000 in the House pt2.1

Well, the AmigaOne X1000 is still with FedEx customs and has been since last Thursday. The estimated delivery date has been changed from ’23/04/2013′ to ‘N/A’ and its status appears to be both ‘Clearance in progress’ and ‘Shipment exception – Package part of incomplete shipment’ which is a bit disconcerting.

I guess I will have to see what its status is tomorrow morning before I head into work.

UPDATE: (26/04/2013)

I ended up calling FedEx when I got into work in the morning. Looks as though the number they were calling to contact me was getting fast busies. I ended up paying the import fee on the phone and so they went to ship it to me on Wednesday but since I was at work, I couldn’t accept it. I ended up getting the AmigaOne X1000 today but I haven’t had a chance to do anything with it due to real life getting in the way but I do have all weekend to play with the new machine.

I would also like to mention that when I checked my EMail, I found EMails sent to me by AmigaKit warning me of the situation and encouraging me to call FedEx to get it sorted. Good to know there are still shops out there that look after their customers.

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