AmigaOne X1000 in the House

… or oh crap, I didn’t did I?

So, I have been using my little AmigaOS4.1 machine quite a lot over the last few years since its purchase and have found myself pushing it more and more and finding the little Sam440ep@533MHz was a little lacking on the power side. A lot of people will think to themselves ‘well der it’s only 533Mhz’ and while there is that, it is amazing what I was able to do with only 533MHz.

The main areas I found the lack of speed being a problem were the heavier 3D applications and the classic Amiga emulation.

So while I found the whole X1000 First Contact announcement interesting, it was still effectively a beta product, albeit a beta at a very advanced stage and polished. I was just not willing to spend the money on the chance there may be a problem with it.

Now, once the people who did order the X1000 started to receive their new toys and relay their experiences via the various Amiga forums out there, I have to admit, I did get a little jealous. At this point, I was starting to consider getting the Sam460ex to replace my existing machine but at the time, the sound driver was still being developed for it so I decided to adopt a wait and see attitude. Well, during the wait and see period, there was an announcement back in March 2012 of a second batch of AmigaOne X1000 and if you were interested to register your interested so I did and about a week later I received an email notify myself that my interest was registered.

Anyway, 2013 roles around, I have been watching people receive their AmigaOne X1000’s but since the first ones to be sent out where to be for the First Contact people, I am not to stressed but by March, I was really starting to get bugged by the limitations of my existing machine since I was finding myself using it for more demanding tasks.

Since I had not seen anything to tell me I had missed out on the AmigaOne X1000 I decided to see if I can get information from the horses mouth about my personal situation. I had seen people being told on the Amigans forum to PM AmigaKit to find out your current position in the list so I decided to do the same. Long story short, about a week later I get an email informing me that they had reached my name in the list and I was encouraged to choose my configuration and order.

I thought about it for a day. I spoke to the other half about it who turned out was less worried about the cost than I was and encouraged me to get it since, ‘If you don’t, you will not get a chance again for this particular system’ and so I placed my order.

So, the deed has been done, the machine has been ordered. While it was a bit more than I would have preferred I know by past experience it will receive constant use. The other point is while I know it is a hobby/niche market, without support it will die so I suppose you could say I also put my money where my mouth is.

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2 Responses to AmigaOne X1000 in the House

  1. John Collins says:

    I was the same, spoke to the other half and she said go for it.
    Love the x1000 to bits.

  2. prowler says:

    The last update I have is that the order is currently awaiting to be despatched. Hopefully I will have it soon and get to enjoy the X1000 love. To be honest, I am looking forward to having a fast AmigaNG box for general use. Everything else will be a bonus.

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