The Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular

A long, long time ago, well a few months ago, I came back to my computer at work after way to many meetings to read a cryptic IM from the other half which went along the lines of, ‘Do you want to see the Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular Opera?’ (I am paraphrasing here). Followed by, ‘To late, I already bought us both tickets!’ Well, it was good to see that was all sorted out and settled then.

After many rotations of the earth, the day finally arrived. Besides the weather looking like crap and me suffering from a blinding head ache at the time, we got to the show and had a fantastic time. Below are a few grainy and very poor quality pictures I took. I would have taken more but didn’t want to interrupt the viewing. They had appearances of all the major monsters on stage and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Enough of my rambling, enjoy the crappy gallery of pictures.

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