The Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular

A long, long time ago, well a few months ago, I came back to my computer at work after way to many meetings to read a cryptic IM from the other half which went along the lines of, ‘Do you want to see the Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular Opera?’ (I am paraphrasing here). Followed by, ‘To late, I already bought us both tickets!’ Well, it was good to see that was all sorted out and settled then.

After many rotations of the earth, the day finally arrived. Besides the weather looking like crap and me suffering from a blinding head ache at the time, we got to the show and had a fantastic time. Below are a few grainy and very poor quality pictures I took. I would have taken more but didn’t want to interrupt the viewing. They had appearances of all the major monsters on stage and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Enough of my rambling, enjoy the crappy gallery of pictures.

New 3D Dungeon Crawler Engine in the Works

There have been posts on the Amiga forums about a new Dungeon Crawler engine currently in the works. A handful of YouTube videos and screen shots have been released and all I can say is that it looks nice and I really hope it leads to a game.

Normal mapping with a torch light

From the developers site.

What is Odyssey:

Odyssey is the codename I gave to my project. It’s a classic dungeon crawler game, like was Dungeon Master, Black Crypt, Eye of the Beholder, etc… but with some modern approch.

On gameplay side, I’d like to be as close as possible to thoses games, giving the same claustrophobic feeling, the same oppressive atmosphere, and, more than everything, the same desire to leave work just to return playing them. This won’t be easy…

The modern approch is only for the technical part. Even a very basic “step by step” crawler desserve a realtime 3D environment, with beautifull textures, rich lighting, animated monsters. It’s a real consecration for such game.

Why a crawler?

Being compared to Dungeon Master is hard. Anyway, being compared to any good Amiga game is.

You certainly know it, our Amiga got real hardware and software problems. The hardware is old, and, even worse, our softwares can’t make the best out of it.

My goal is to offer a visually stunning game (in Amiga terms), using the best of our PowerPC and our old Radeon. A crawler is much more GPU than CPU hungry. The whole logic of Dungeon Master was done easy on an Atari ST or Amiga 500, think how easy it is for a PowerPC. Because we have no 3D collision detection, no physical engine, no need for any CPU hungy code, a crawler is a excellent game to spend all the hard²ware ressources in the visual, but without losing an excellent gameplay.

An finally, last but not least, because a crawler is still very addictive to play.

via Odyssey | Odyssey.

AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6 Released

Looks like a new update is available for AmigaOS4.1. This one seems to really only introduce the AmiUpdate application as a standard system utility so that users can use it to carry out system updates much like Linux does.

I can see this being a good thing for incremental changes since it means Hyperion will be able to release a driver upgrade or bug fix as they are ready rather than waiting for a bunch of updates to be done to make it worth while rolling out an update archive. With the said, I personally hope they keep releasing update bundles along the way. Having the updates on hand can save a lot of time if you have to carry out a reinstall not to mention that the update bundles often have extra information contained within them which is easy to access.

Official release information below.


AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6 has now been released.

More details and a place for registered users to download the update can be found at Hyperion’s main web site.

The following AmigaOS platforms are supported:

  • AmigaOne X1000
  • AmigaOne 500 (460ex)
  • Sam440ep and Sam440ep-flex (all variants)
  • AmigaOne XE
  • MicroA1-C
  • Pegasos II
  • CyberStorm PPC
  • Blizzard PPC

Update 6 is a rather unique update in that it includes no bug fixes. What Update 6 does include is a new and more efficient way of delivering bug fixes. A new “Update software…” menu item on Workbench now launches AmiUpdate which will now handle all future AmigaOS software updates.

Since AmiUpdate does not do much without a back end database, a new AmigaOS update database has been created. This database tracks dependencies between components so that users can be assured they are applying the correct updates to their specific systems. The rollback facility may be used to undo updates in the event of problems.

Users are strongly encouraged to install Update 6 as it will be the only way to receive future AmigaOS updates between major releases.

Special thanks to Simon Archer for his amazing AmiUpdate product and the AmigaOS testing team for their invaluable effort on this release.

via Hyperion Entertainment Blog | Development News.