What a Crappy Google+ Feature!

I went to post my previous post on Google+ via my Amiga using a browser called MUI OWB  which is based on the Webkit engine only to be told by Google+ that it is not supported. I clicked on the learn more link and got told to download a few different browsers and also noticed the plus link at the top so clicked on that only to be returned to the same ‘your browser is not supported’ page. No where could I see how to get to the plus part of the page to post the link.

I decided to try a port of Firefox which has been done on the Amiga but is still in beta, called Timberwolf and it let me into the part of Google+ to be able to post the link.

I have no problems with Google telling me my browser is not supported BUT I think it is crappy as hell that they then stop you from doing anything on the site just because your browser is not a Google state sponsored browser. Pretty crappy effort Google.

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