Short Video of my Peppermint Pleco Fry

This is just a short video I took of some 4-5 month old Peppermint Pleco fry I have at the moment. Considering the fish are a few months old now, should they even still be considered fry?

From the video discription:

I saw an adult male/female pair of Peppermint at my local fish shop and bought them on a whim with the idea of potentially breeding them. I placed them in a spare tank I had but didn’t do much else with them but the occasional water change and keeping them feed. This was due to me planning to move house in the near future and I had read it can be difficult and a little time consuming to breed this species. A few weeks before I did move, I noticed that the tank, which was in the garage, was full of Peppermint Pleco fry.

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