Boxapocalypse is here!

Some years ago I had a work mate show me a web site, it was called something like boxapocalypse and covered instances of excessive and over the top packaging. Some of the examples were quite awe inspiring with how ridiculous they were.

Today, we received a replacement battery for a RAID card and upon seeing the way it was packed reminded me of the above mentioned web site. Check out the pictures and be amazed.

All the packaging in question laid out.

As you can see, all in all, the item was inside the fifth bag. But what did we order?

A zoom in so you can see what we actually ordered.

The item we ordered is in the first picture but you may have missed it due to its size. This is a close up picture. As you can see, it is an itty bitty battery. At least we know the sender took our order seriously and wanted to make sure it turned up in one piece.

The other amusing piece is the warning label on envelope in the middle warning you about the dangers of posting batteries on passenger aircraft.

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