Just got Rearended.

Wow, that was a crappy experience.

On my way to work and stopped behind some traffic at a red light when all of a sudden I hear a crunch and the whole bike tries to suddenly move forward. I look behind me and some lady had drifted across a 5 metre keep clear zone whilst on the phone and ran into the rear of my bike and then all she did when I looked at her was shrug her shoulders and went back to her phone. I was not happy with this and gave her the finger.

I put my bike into neutral to make sure there was no damage, thankfully it all looked fine, noticed the driver was still on their phone all unconcerned, feeling a little angry now, I walked up to her and told her to ‘Look where you are driving and don’t use a phone in traffic you dumb bitch!’ at which point she replied in what sounded like an eastern European accent, ‘How can you use this language to me?’. I have to admit, I was amazed by the response especially after what had just happened and only managed to repeat my previous repsonse of ‘Because you are a dumb bitch.’ which I admit is not the best come back.

I went to leave it at that and started walking back to my bike but she kept demanding to know ‘How can you use language like that to me.’ At which point I leaned toward the front of her car and told her to ‘Go fuck yourself.’ and got back onto my bike.

I have to admit, not the best way to handle myself but after she managed to drift over 5 metres across a no stopping zone in stand still traffic, while she was on the phone and then running into the back of my bike with nothing but a disdainful shrug of her shoulders I think I was entitled to call her a dumb bitch.

Unfortunately, people like this rarely take responsibility for their actions. They are also the type to end up killing people on the roads and act all surprised and make statements such as ‘they just appeared out of no where’ and make out their the victim.

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