Phone Story banned by Apple

I came across an interesting article about a game made by a company called Molleindustria which consists of four mini games and goes through the life cycle of your typical mobile phone. This game was released on the iPhone but Apple decided that the consumers of their products were to delicate to handle the truth behind the products they peddle out to their fans so they banned it.

I won’t go into to many details as the original article at Kotaku which I came across covers it better than I could but the four mini games cover:

  1. Coltan mining in the Congo.
  2. The manufacturing workers conditions at Foxconn.
  3. The obsolescence driven culture of want.
  4. The toxic e-waste generated by the disposal of the phone.

You can also access a video of the game via Youtube.

Just remember that rampart, unchecked consumerism is good for you, otherwise Apple would never have banned the game in the first place.

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