The Humble Bundle #3!

Well they call it number 3 but it is number 4 by my count. The real number 3 was called the Frozenbyte bundle which included a mix of completed and not so completed games so I would say strictly speaking was not a true or full humble bundle.

This new fully fledged Humble Indy Bundle contains:

Crayon Physics, Cogs, VVVVVV, HammerFight and And Yet It Moves.

I look forward to trying them out. I have previously purchased the other Humble Bundles and have yet to play all the games provided.

Not only do you get some damn good and very original Indie produced games but you also get to support some good causes when purchasing these bundles, not to mention support the people making these games and who put the effort into support Linux, Mac and Windows and as a Linux user, I definitely appreciate the effort. I would say I am not the only Linux user who does due to the fact that with all the previous Hunble Bundle, including this one, Linux users on average give 3 times more than the either Mac or Windows users.

So do yourself and your charity of choice a favour and grab yourself the Humble Bundle 3 before time runs out!

A new Bonus Game!

Since my initial posting, it looks like a new game has been added to the bundle which is available to anyone who has already paid for Humble Bundle 3. That game is Steel Storm which I am personally pretty happy about. I had recently played the demo and thought it was a good bit of fun.

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