Should be Back on the Road Again…. I Hope.

Well, I finally got off my arse and organised for my bike to get picked up by a wreckers for some repairs. I am not looking forward to the cost but I can’t stand public transport any more and not having my own personal wheels when I need them.

I am also changing the tires while I am at it. The OEM tires that came with my CB400 were fine during summer but as soon as winter rolled around, I found them very slippery in the cold + wet, to the extent that the back wheel completely lost traction as I was coming out of a corner at ~25-30Km/h causing me to drop the bike thus the need for repairs.

Fingers crossed that it doesn’t send me completely broke to get it road worthy again. I should be getting the quote tomorrow sometime.

A quick search shows me I am not the only one finding themselves feeling this way about the tires:

Default Re: Dunlop Sportmax Q2

my current ride, when purchased new, came fitted with dunny roadsmarts. those tyres will kill you. the feel is like they are made from wood., polished shiny hardwood.

i did’nt get the Q2’s, maybe next time. i had a look at them, they are way sticky, softer than the pures, the rubber on the sides same as a track tyre. but i just went with power pures, tried and tested. won’t last long, but they’re worth it.

there is a disclaimer on Jake Wilson that excludes tyres from international shipping rates, below the table.

glad you guys got yours, but it is in the fine print.

via Dunlop Sportmax Q2 – Page 3 – Netrider Forums.


and yes I have to agree, that is exactly how they felt….

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  1. Sarah Fuller says:

    Looking forward to you having your bike fixed. Then we can go riding together again! 😀

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